County organization focuses on connecting homeless with needed services

1 Feb 2024


The newly created Carver Community Connect (CCC) gathers organizations from throughout the area to provide greater access to services needed by those who are experiencing or are at risk of becoming homeless. The event was held at the Chaska Event Center on Jan. 24. CCC is the successor to the Scott Carver Project Community Connect, which previously served both counties and brought resources together for the same purpose. Scott County is now offering help to those in need with its Family Resource Center. “The goal isn’t just to give information but to provide a service,” says Melissa Gardner, the Carver Community Connect Chair and Housing Specialist for Carver County. For Heather Tran, a CCC committee member and the Executive Director of the non-profit A Better Society. The CCC has benefits beyond providing resources. “It’s building trust. I look at events like this as how do we build trust with individuals who have needs,” says Tran.

Many nonprofits, representatives from various county agencies, and specialists were able to help with finance, healthcare, and legal issues. A salon offered free haircuts. Every attendee was provided a free meal and those experiencing homelessness were given a place to stay for that night.

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