Choose Carver County at the Intersection of Economic and Community Development

Choose Carver County at the Intersection of Economic and Community Development Main Photo

2 Jul 2024

Community development and economic development are often used interchangeably. Separately, one generally refers to improving the quality of life in an area and the other speaks to creating wealth to make the places people live in more desirable. Together, they refer to the activities toward improving a region’s economic well-being, wealth, and quality of life. They encompass various activities to attract, create, and retain jobs to foster a resilient and inclusive economy. 

In Carver County, MN, the collective efforts of the Carver County Community Development Agency (CDA) with businesses, governments, and various community stakeholders in single and multi-family housing, and economic development help all Choose Carver County!

Carver County CDA In Action

The Carver County CDA’s ability to impact the local economy lies in collaborating with businesses, governments, and community stakeholders, leveraging community resources to support economic growth.

Affordable housing opportunities

The Carver County CDA assists homeowners, renters, landlords and businesses find housing, services and resources that best fit their needs. 

Community and economic development

Carver County CDA staff seeks to foster economic and community development by connecting residents, cities, and businesses to the services and resources they need to thrive.

The Carver County CDA supports small businesses and entrepreneurs by making connections to growth initiatives, properties, or technical assistance. 

Choose Carver County for a High Quality of Life

Adjacent to the southwest sector of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Carver County is defined by rolling farmland, natural prairies, colorful woodlands and refreshing lakes. Home to eleven cities filled with unique and vibrant amenities, Carver County has become one of the fastest-growing counties in the state due to the present opportunities to visit, live, work and grow.


Just 20 miles southwest of Minneapolis, Carver County offers rare experiences that make it a fantastic place to visit for a day trip or longer. The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum has 1,200 acres of stunning public gardens. “Throw a stone” or watch a ‘bonspiel’ at the Chaska Curling Center. Prince’s Paisley Park offers a glimpse into life as an international icon and a youth growing up in the region.

Whether you're looking for a quick visit or a Staycation, Carver County has the perfect experience. Immerse yourself in local arts and culture, raise that heartbeat with our outdoor recreation and top it off with a quick bite or fine dining. Maximize your visit to Carver County today.


Carver County is one of the fastest-growing and healthiest counties in Minnesota, making it a favorite place to live for individuals and families of all ages. The 11 communities offer small-town environments and suburban settings, all with easy access to the urban amenities of the Twin Cities.

A variety of quality housing, world-class healthcare, and tremendous education present an unmatched quality of living for everyone to grow. Choose to make your life in Carver County today.


Building on the fantastic living conditions, Carver County has become a hub for business growth and employment opportunities. Beginning entrepreneurs and large corporations alike choose Carver County for its room to grow in available land and buildings, outstanding infrastructure and a large, talented workforce. As a result, a significant supply of well-paying, rewarding careers await individuals with various backgrounds and skills. Put Carver County’s potential to work for you today!

Choose Carver County Today

The Carver County CDA serves Carver County and cares about providing opportunity and growth to the people and businesses of the region. Contact us today to access the wealth of information and resources that will make Carver County a wise choice!