The Fastest Growing Demographic In The Workforce? People Over Age 75

11 Dec 2023


As she nears retirement age, 58-year-old Michelle Whiffen isn’t thinking about stopping work cold turkey. The director of client services at recruitment marketing firm HireClix says she’s reached the fun part of her career—a time when she feels more autonomous and valued—and appreciates a new program called “flextirement” that will let her work fewer hours while keeping her health benefits. “My age is just a number,” she says. “I can’t imagine walking out the door tomorrow.”

Though some Gen Xers are nearing retirement age and all Baby Boomers will do so before 2030, more and more are continuing to work well into their golden years. That’s the finding of a new report released Thursday by Pew Research Center, which shows that one in five Americans (19%) age 65 and older were employed this year, nearly double the percentage who were working in 1987.

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